Titan metallurgy


To date, the scope of application of the titanium metal industry remains the undisputed leader. It is most often made and used non-standard equipment. Titanium alloys with such properties as corrosion resistance in aggressive environments and specific strength superior to stainless acid-resistant steel.

Use in non-ferrous metallurgy

Titan, which itself is a product of non-ferrous metals, helps to ensure a high quality of metals and technological advances in the industry. Employees of the Institute of titanium Y. V. Dobrunov, A. A., Zakharevich, E. D. Filippova, G. A. Kolobov et al. conducted numerous studies. It has been proven that in non-ferrous metallurgy titanium improves product quality and working conditions, increases productivity, facilitates automation. It is possible to produce large responsible equipment. Highly effective remains the use of titanium in the form of sintered or cast products (pumps, valves). For example, replacement of cast iron and steel pumps for pumping solutions of sodium, potassium and magnesium to titanium has allowed to reduce losses by 2.5 times and increase the service life of the pumps 15 to 20 times. Applying in non-ferrous metallurgy products from titanium, enterprises get real savings through increased reliability and service life of equipment, improve product quality and reduce operating costs. To a greater extent Titan the equipment extended to enterprises in titanium and Nickel-cobalt industry. Also not long ago began the active introduction of titanium in the production of copper. And at the enterprises for processing of non-ferrous metals and enterprises for the production of tungsten, mercury, zinc, cadmium, tin, lead, aluminum, gold and other precious metals titanium only started to gain recognition.


To date, non-ferrous metals (excluding Nickel-cobalt industry) is the first stage of introduction of the Titan is the replacement of equipment, usually a subsidiary that does not have much effect on the important parameters of technological processes. In the next phase Titan will use in the manufacture of the main equipment for entire plants. Advantages of titanium will be revealed as much as possible, it is planned to greatly intensify the old processes and create new, more productive. In this case, the economic impact of the introduction of new equipment increases. Detailed analysis and experimental studies showed that non-ferrous metallurgy there are broad prospects for the comprehensive utilization of titanium.

Ferrous metallurgy

In comparison with stainless steel, the Titan wins if we take into account the hostile environment in coking, metallurgical furnace, steel and Ferroalloy factories. Thanks to the titanium increases the service life of the equipment, intensifitsiruetsa existing processes and implemented new, it turns out a better product, not contaminated by corrosion.


Here are a number of corrosive gases, alkalis and acids dramatically reduce the service life of pipelines and equipment. In case of breakage even the secondary apparatus is necessary to stop the entire production line. And corrosion resistance of titanium is best suited for coke production, because of the multi-component corrosive environments it is more stable compared with high-alloy stainless steels. For example, in the mother solution, the resistance of the alloy VT1−1 is ten times higher than steel 18CR10NITI, the surface of equipment made of titanium corrodes uniformly, and in the case of stainless steel it is affected intense pitting. The use of molds, pipes, pumps and other equipment from titanium at the Zaporozhye coke plant showed that the replacement titanium is cheaper, but less corrosion-resistant materials economically feasible. At the same plant in the sulphate Department of the recovery shop excellent resistance demonstrated titanium pumps of TN-70 made at the Zaporozhye titanium-magnesium combine. These pumps worked without repair for 6 months, and iron in the same conditions lasted only two.

Corrosion resistance

Titanium is advantageous to manufacture centrifuges, circular pans, pipes, bubble umbrellas, soda, etc. the equipment recovery shop, where the results of studies of the corrosion rate of this metal for the year is equal to 0,002−0,03 mm. the corrosion Rate in a solution of hydrogen sulfide, cyanide acid, 15% solution of phenol, 10% NaOH, ammonia at t° 100−140°C is less than 0.5 mm per year. Given such indicators, capacitors pyridine bases, Cuba-converters of titanium serve 5−15 years, for comparison — the existing scrubbers of carbon steel able to withstand only a year and a half.

On most hardware, pipe, steel, steel wire rope, steel mills, there is an etching areas responsible for descaling of the metal surface. Usually the equipment are made from carbon steels, using a gumming and a lining of acid-resistant brick, which, however, does not provide long-term operation. The equipment is no more than three years. All in low mechanical properties and poor corrosion resistance of stainless steels and other materials used. Even high alloyed stainless steels are susceptible to pitting, which is especially observed in the zone of the weld.


Specialists of the Institute of titanium has been on the plant «Zaporizhstal» a series of tests that allowed to recommend the Titan for the manufacture of pipes of the ventilation system, discharge of waste etching solutions and other equipment etching areas. Titanium link pipe for discharge of waste etching solution without corrosion operates for about a year, while the commonly used rubber tubing of carbon steel becomes unsuitable and a half to three months. Despite significant cost when installing piping in titanium, this solution will allow to obtain significant economic effect. Such a pipeline would serve for years, since the corrosion rate in waste solutions for the year does not exceed 0,01−0,05 mm.

Rubber-lined steel side suction vent and the air ducts have a very short lifespan. Very fast in places flanged joints appear to leak, which subsequently leads to the destruction of themselves, pipelines, and foundations of buildings and structures. If you make the entire ventilation system out of titanium, this will allow to significantly reduce the operating costs, increase service life and improve working conditions. In the atmosphere of the etching vapor corrosion rate of titanium in the year is equal to 0,002−0,006 mm. For comparison, pairs the pickling solution of stainless steel 18CR10NITI or Х21Н5Т are susceptible to pitting, which reaches speeds of 0.5−0.9 mm per year.

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