Titanium in the food industry


The latest technology in the food industry require the use of alternative structural materials for technological equipment, changes and improvements of obsolete units. The specifics of modern food processing equipment requires numerous critical materials: non-ferrous metals, stainless steels, etc. the Demand for them is very difficult to satisfy. Machines and equipment are typically made from alloyed steels, which in the conditions of action of aggressive food environments have low strength. This leads to a significant reduction of the operational stability of the equipment, increased material costs for repairs. Corrosion protection of metals in the food industry is characterized by several features. When a small amount of metal ions, resulting in an aggressive environment, has no particular values for the remaining industries, for the food industry this is unacceptable.

Technology features

Technology cooking food is a complex biochemical process. Very strict sanitary-hygienic requirements to material for equipment. Failure to comply can lead to significant losses of valuable food or change their quality. In light of these problems, the Titan represents an almost ideal material that meets all the requirements. A study of the feasibility of using titanium alloys was conducted in the all-Union scientific-research and experimental design Institute of food engineering (Wiikipedia), the Institute of metallurgy, USSR Academy of Sciences and the Institute of metallurgy of Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR, the Institute of titanium, the number of sectoral institutions and SKB.

Comparative experience in the use of different materials

Food processing and food engineering have extensive experience in the manufacture and operation of the equipment from titanium alloys. On Unfeminine, bolkhovskaya, Smelyanskiy, Tbilisi plants and community «Rosemaryporter», in recent years started to produce special types of equipment and machinery. In addition to all this a wide range of products is produced at machine-building plants Michimasa Russia. There are a large number of examples taken from international practices for long-term use of a variety of titanium equipment in the food industry. For example, from titanium to produce boilers in the United States, which serve for the preparation of brine, tomato products and sauces. Tests have shown that titanium can not be exposed to food acids. Refrigerators made of titanium, provide an opportunity to reduce the consumption of hederagenin and use high pressure. The firm «Heinz» (USA) has extensive experience in the use of titanium in the food industry. Compared about three hundred different grades of alloys of Nickel and stainless steel. But for regular canning industries they showed little endurance when exposed to production fluids that contain sodium chloride and acetic acid.

Equipment of titanium

As a result of the tests have been developed new guidelines for storing and transporting food, as well as manufacturing equipment for processing of vegetables with the use of titanium alloys. In Soviet times, the use of titanium has been widely used in the wine industry. Institute of titanium all-Union scientific research Institute of winemaking and viticulture «Magarach» and the all-Union research and experimental design Institute of food engineering identified a list of equipment, which is made of titanium, namely:

· centrifuges, vessels for preservation and aging, as well as processing of wine materials;

the measuring tank;

· capacity for the carriage of goods;

· the barrel;

· pipettes;

· the machines are designed for processing;

· filters.

The economic effect

The positive side of application of titanium containers gave its advantages: significantly reduced its weight, increased the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, the increased strength of the container, decreased transportation costs, repair and maintenance. These advantages have an impact on the overall economic effect of production. For titanium tanks with a capacity of 25 m3 factories, recommendations were developed for use and technical documentation. For aging and transportation of various vintage wines and ethyl alcohol are used in a multifunctional capacity. Delivery of these vessels is carried out abroad and provide significant technical and economic effect. In 1969, the Tbilisi cognac plant «Samtrest» was made the first ten industrial tanks for storage of cognac alcohol and caramel. Exploitation continues to the present. Later Smelyanskiy machine-building plant has developed drawings and technical documents of different sizes of containers for wineproduction.


It is a welded construction having a cross-section of an equilateral trapezoid, consisting of rods dialed in a circle. Absolutely all the details of Seera made of titanium grade VT1−0. The study was conducted by the Simferopol plant of winemaking equipment, which was made steketee of titanium alloy. Production of valuable products from waste is a large volume of industrial production in the wine industry. The production of tartaric acid is characterized by the presence of aggressive environments. This was made vacuum apparatus of a titanium alloy, which was successfully tested in the workshop Tbilisi tartaric acid production plant «Samtrest». Within a few years of operation proved the absence of corrosion and scale. This significantly improves heat transfer and increases 3 fold return on upravenou solution. The resulting product is a high concentration and quality.


All production in the food industry, use a considerable amount of liquid assets that require transportation, filtration and pumping. Earlier it was widespread glass pipes, manufactured at the wineries «Grape». They are hygienic, comfortable, but not always meet requirements. Due to fluctuations in temperature, they are destroyed, require more frequent cleaning, as covered by sediments. But the industry is not standing still, titanium was made many kilometers of pipelines, very economical, does not require any maintenance for long time use. Institute of titanium and Unfeminine mechanical plant was released into production prototypes of the Titan fan-shaped cylinder to press VPO-20. Titanium equipment supplied: piping and fittings, pumps and filters. However, this is quite expensive equipment, but its high cost pays off long life, reliability, and biological inertness of the material from which it is made. As example, the hydrolysis plant in the town of Khor in Khabarovsk region, which to date is successfully exploiting the titanium valves made in 1969 at the plant «Penztyazhpromarmatura».


Increase-performance liquid separators for separating multiphase systems (fruit juices, yeast suspensions, wine, culture media in the medical industry) is directly related to the increase in the speed of rotation of the drum and its diameter. With increasing centrifugal forces in detail it may be stress that could lead to destruction. Since titanium has a specific gravity twice lower than steel and a higher margin of safety, its use for the production of such separators is much better. This is especially true in the manufacture of starch, where the liquid medium have a high corrosion activity. Therefore, the production of drums of liquid separators are best applied to titanium alloys and replace existing separators in stainless steel.

The fishing industry

For processing of fish involved the whole floating processing plants. All the mechanisms of machines, directly related to recycling, have permanent contact with sea water, therefore, must have a special corrosion resistance. The use of mechanisms made of titanium alloy, this production is the perfect solution.

Sugar industry

The industry has extensive experience in the application of titanium equipment and piping. Titanium tubes used in the evaporator, its long-term operation has proven not only the high corrosion resistance of the material, but also gave the possibility to increase the concentration of acid solution, which is used for periodic descaling. It is possible to reduce downtime of equipment and lower labor costs.

Other industries

In the Belgorod plant citric acid for three years of used evaporators made of titanium alloys. During this lifetime they are not corroded and did not require repair. On maize plant in the town of Beslan successfully exploiting capacitive equipment, which is made of titanium grade VT1−0. At the distillery Melitopol successfully operates a coal pillar, made of titanium VT1−0, is designed for filtration of vodka. It is for this purpose was specially designed by the Institute of titanium. Also, the titanium Institute in cooperation with the Leningrad Institute «Rosemaryporter» was designed, manufactured, tested and transferred to serial production of washing heads, made of titanium alloy VT1−0. They can for a few minutes to clean almost any capacity. Application of titanium alloy to ensure lightness of the head, its sheer persistence in the environment disinfectants. The titanium Institute in cooperation with the Odessa technological Institute. Lomonosov, was designed from a titanium alloy construction for cheredovanie wines in a stream, or accelerating the maturation of sherry. And since this process is too sensitive to the most insignificant presence of foreign ions, the use of titanium for these purposes, proved to be best suited to produced the sherry was of the highest quality.

Specialists of the Simferopol Institute of oil-bearing crops in collaboration with the Institute of titanium has been developed and made of titanium alloy VT1−0 pilot column for the production of the iris oil. This was due to the need to improve the quality of manufactured products, as a column of steel are unable to meet the production requirements. To products made of titanium alloys and have passed numerous tests, should also include discs for cutting chocolate; wheel turboduo for pumping gas saturatornye; head molokoobrazovania machines from pressed titanium powder; malt sieves in the brewing industry and many more.

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