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Sheet, strip, foil stamps 20KH20N14S2, alloyed with chromium, Nickel, silicon, manganese, titanium used to work in the most demanding conditions. The percentage of chromium in the alloy can range from 19 to 22 percent, and the proportion of Nickel is about 12−15%. Thanks to the optimal technological and operational parameters such material to cope with the heavy work and actively oppose the influence of the most harmful industrial factors, providing reliability and durability of work of critical equipment.


Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72.

Alloy C Ti Cr Ni Cu Mn P S Si Fe
20KH20N14S2 ≤0,2 ≤0,2 19−22 12−15 ≤0.3 mm ≤1,5 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 2−3 basis


Steel is melted in open arc furnaces on. Processing of hot rolled is carried out at a temperature from 950 to 750 °C. the Sheet and tape can be welded using manual and automatic welding. After welding it is necessary to apply a final annealing to relieve residual stresses.


Sheet, strip, foil stamps 20KH20N14S2, due to the increased heat resistance and ability to work in aggressive environments, used in metallurgy, oil and gas processing industry. Of these elements produce semi-finished products heat treatment furnaces parts furnace conveyors, boxes for carburizing, etc.

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