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Thanks to the advantages of an alloy based on chromium and nickel called nichrome, wire semi-finished products from it are one of the most popular products. After all, it is the wire that takes the most direct part in the production of heating elements.

Basic properties

The properties of a particular type of alloy from which the base of the heater is made are determined by its quantitative and qualitative composition.

The percentage composition of wire Х15Н60 GOST 10994−74 .

Alloy C Al Fe Ni Cr Mn P Ti Si S
X15N60 ≤0.15 ≤0.2 17.3−29.2 55−61 15−18 ≤1,5 ≤0,03 ≤0.3 0.8−1.5 ≤0,02

Wire Х15Н60 is able to withstand very high heating temperatures without experiencing the slightest discomfort or deformation and not breaking down. By the way, even a significant increase in the temperature index in the working area will not affect the specific resistance of the material. Due to such a feature of the product from it during operation can withstand quite a lot of cycles of switching on and off equipment. High values of heat resistance and heat resistance make it possible to use this semifinished product in the manufacture of devices that can be used under rather difficult conditions with very high heating temperatures. In addition to all of the above, wire marked X15N60 is very resistant to corrosion damage of various nature, which allows it to be successfully used for equipment that is exposed to corrosive action of caustic industrial or household substances in the process of work. An additional bonus is the excellent plasticity of the material. Due to such a useful property to process this raw material and make from it products of different diameters and lengths are easy enough.

Strength and reliability

Special attention should be paid to the mechanical properties of the X15N60 wire. Thus, the breaking strength of a useful material is estimated in the range from six hundred thirty-seven to seven hundred and eighty-four newtons per millimeter, and the temperature of reliable long-term operation in the operational zone can reach one thousand and one hundred and fifty degrees. Such reliability and long-term operation, combined with other useful properties of such wire products, determined a very wide scope of its application from domestic heating technology to the design of furnace and drying equipment of industrial importance.

A little about the shortcomings

Against the background of many positive qualities, this material has some drawbacks. In addition to the main components, minor impurities may be present in the composition of the raw material. While the introduction of titanium, manganese and carbon into X15N60 wire improves its initial quality, the presence of iron contributes to the development of corrosion processes and the enhancement of magnetic properties. Despite the fact that the technological parameters of this alloy may be inferior to some other types of similar material, but the lower cost fully explains its high popularity recently.

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